Sahnic Staaaahp!

Sahnic Staaaahp

Sahnic Staaaahp! Finally finished! Oh joyous day! I don’t have to look at this anymore! The colors! The complimentary colors! My eyes! They vibrate out of my skull!

Truthfully, it was a lot of fun to chip away at, even though it is incredibly disturbing. Had a lot of challenges keeping the colors minimal for print, but I think I got it eventually. I also released a version without a background because I couldn’t make my mind up. The white just seemed bland, but the blue… I dunno dude! I dunno if that halftone is just too much! Whatchu think!? LEMME KNOW IN THOSE COMMENTS!

SAHNIC STAAAAHP! The power of the Chaos Emerald making you ooze from your dome piece! Making the blood vessels in your eye balls go PAHP! And what’s that on your shoe? Some goo? Oh, poo.

Dude is straight JONSIN’ for the infinite power of the emerald! He loves it! He wants MORE of it! Sahnic STAAAAHP you need help, bro.

I find the most disturbing part of this is the lip biting. Mostly Tails’ lip biting. Tails… Cut it out. You’re making everyone uncomfortable.

I guess that’s kind of my calling card eh? Because I implemented the same thing in Welcome to ErfBound.  Just makes everything so much creepier.

And what’s the deal with Robotnik? Or Eggman? Those long whiskers just flapping in the wind! Could be ginger nose hairs too I guess. Where did his chin go?

What started out as a doodle on a scratch piece of notebook paper drawn outside on a beautiful day has turned into a vector drawing of nightmares. I dig it tho’.

It’s available at Society6 and Redbubble. Check the screen shots below for a better look at the details. Onto finishing We Are Not Alone…




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