Angry Eggplant Boy Coming Your Way

Angry Eggplant Boy not looking too pleased.
angry eggplant boy

Snap snap snap Angry Eggplant attack.

So stupid.

Lookit this boy. He’s got those big mits. Those cracked horns. That precious scowl.

I drew a lot of these little fellows. I also drew them in two different stages. One normal, like this. And one as if they were being attacked, so they’re making goofy faces. I posted that page of my book on the last Sketchbook Friday.

Used that sketch as a reference for this angry eggplant boy and dove into Illustrator. I used a different process than I usually do. Instead of tracing the entire thing with the pen tool, I used the stroke of the line to form the outlines. That sounds like jargon and I apologize. I wish I caught a video of this boys creation.

When I laid out the ground work outlines for this I was so underwhelmed and thought it was going to suck. I think the color really brought this Angry Eggplant boy to the next level. Made him stand out a bit more. I’m using very limited color palettes on all these pranksters.

I’m happy with how this fellow came out. Looking forward to continuing the series. I’m making them available as individual drawings, but will probably make a pattern-like spread of all the characters eventually.

Anyway, you’re boy Angry Eggplant is available at the Redbubble shop. I also threw him up on Society6 for good measure! Check it out.

I hope to keep this going. I’m thinking about making a little booklet of these fine fellows. I already have three completed which I will upload in due time.

Anyway, hope¬† you’re having some classic goofs and gaffs for this holiday season! Don’t get too stressed out okay?

Alright, I’ll see you later pal.


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