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Ancient enemy of man…

The most popular design I have had to date. My second design to pop up on the Found page of Redbubble. The amount of momentum it got after that was unbelievable to a little artist dude like me. I had not seen any design move like that before, so it was really cool to see. I know it isn’t a huge deal, but I was floored. So if you bought a product with everyone’s favorite Astro Brachiosaurus on it, I sincerely thank you.

This originally came to be as a Facebook poll winner. Again, the Facebook fans did not chose the drawing I wanted to do the most, and I am really happy they did. Tried a different color scheme with this guy and tried to give him a more steam punk, vintage astronaut type look. Like something you would see in an old magazine or comic book.

People ask me why he is holding the flag with a “B” on it. Is it because he’s a Brachiosaurus? Because he’s a bro? Nah. It’s because he was option B in the Facebook poll.  Blew your mind right? Nah? Well, okay. Sorry to disappoint.

Stickers of this bad boy look really sharp. Shirts look sharp. Prints look sharp. Pretty much everything looks pretty cool with my dude, the Astro Brachiosaurus.

Again, thank you for all the support as of late. Not sure if anyone reads this little blog thing, or if you are more connected through the various social media platforms, but if you do THANKS! I love doing this stuff. I wish I could devote all my time to pumping out weird art work. Someday, my dudes. Someday.

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