A is for aww yeahThis is the start of something that really never got finished, or even beyond this point for that matter.

The awful alphabet–Deranged variations of your ABC’s. Perfect for any child just starting to read!

Mutated, melting, cycloptic A’s. Bile, vomiting B’s! It looked good on paper, but never really came to fruition besides this little dude.

This was one of my first times drawing in Illustrator with the pressure sensitive tablet. I found myself getting frustrated jumping from the familiarity of Photoshop to something a little more foreign. Now, I use Illustrator all the time, namely the pen tool though which is more time consuming, but yields a better, cleaner result in my opinion.

Now that I’ve toned my Illustrator muscle, maybe I’ll start it again.

Try this...

Heck Ya YETI

HECK YA YETI He’s here. He’s chill. He’s backpacking across the Americas looking for the …

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