Bob-omb: Banksy vs. Bombsky?

King Bob-omb. King Banksy…



It’s Banksy meets the most devastating Mario boss of all time…

King Bob-omb.

Do you even remember this dude. He’s guarding the first star of Mario 64 atop is glorious mountain.

You talk to all the bomb-folk and they cower in fear at his name…

You scale the tower, avoiding Chain Chomps… Bob-omb… Water balloons…. Rolling Boulders… YOU NAME IT.

After all the stress and bombastic hub-ub… You finally make it to the top… and guess what?

This jerk is the apex predator of the mountain peak.

And he’s not afraid to give ya the heave-ho off, heh.

I was triggered by this turd in my youth. That was until I fond out he was incredibly easy to beat.

I wanted to do a drawing with the king for awhile. I was originally going to just make a super simplistic drawing of him holding the star over his head on the top of the mountain.

Suppose I still could do that.

Hope to have this boy do some great things. Stay tuned. Here’s some process shots:

Try this...

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