Bob Bomb Pop Off Have You Any Wool

Bobbob bomb

Bob bomb breakfast may not be the best idea ya dumb plant IDIOT.

He’s going for the chow down none the less.

bob 1
this version kinda stinks heh

A mouth full of volatile steel. And that’s one big mouth with some big ol’ fangs.

I took two passes at this concept. The first time was a pretty lousy attempt I didn’t pull off very well (see to the right). This one is getting closer, but I might try it once more even with a different stylistic approach.

I think I’ll also visit a bunch of different color schemes with this to see which one works best. Maybe a monochromatic approach? WHOA SLOW DOWN THERE PAL.

I don’t know if you know what popular video game franchise these fellas are from. It’s from Plumber Man 64: Overalls and All. It’s about a plumber who collects magic stars in a kingdom full of turtles and mushrooms. There’s also bombs if ya didn’t catch onto that one there, partner.

Peppered in some halftone shading in the Piranha Plant head. Same with the background “smoke effect.” Man, I need to invest in the latest Illustrator.

GAME OVER is available at a couple places pal! If ya wanna check it out at Redbubble, why don’t ya head over in THIS direction. If you’re more in the mood for a sweet Design By Humans visit, check it out right over HERE. If you’re thinking “hey, I really dig that Teepublic shop” then you’re in luck pal! You can see that RIGHT HERE.

Choice is yours. I dunno. Whatever. If ya like it ya like it and guess what? If ya don’t, ya don’t!

However, I hope you have a grand old time and a fantastic night and BE COOL GOSH DANGIT.

Until next time pals, stay strange.

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