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cant be beet


Awwwwww hell no! Not this guy! Not that grumpy veggie! You done plucked the wroooong root hombre! Get ready for a BEET down, because CANT BE BEET angrily gnarls his way into the Redbubz shop! I feel like I’m announcing a new Super Smash Brothers character.

I thought this drawing was buried forever (pun intended). I searched for countless hours through back up CDs and old files. I scoured old hard drives in a seemingly vein attempt to unearth my sour mouthed sprout. I dug deep. Real deep. And finally I found him. I found him snarling at me and my eyes welled up with joy. Reunited and it feels so good.

If you can’t tell already, I’m kind of a big fan of this color palette. I’ve used it in the past for things like Pyramid Head. I like how everything blends together. Those purples… Those oranges… Oh boy those yellas…. I’ll tell ya fella…


I’ll tell ya dudes. I’m in desperate need of a pouch for all my drawing stuff. I need to get one ASAP before my wife destroys me. I’m thinking I might pull the trigger and get the CANT BE BEET studio pouch. I mean, I can pretty much guarantee that no one will try to steal my utensils with that mean mug guarding them. And then you multiply that mean mug by three? Are you kidding me? Triple the beets ready to lay the beat down. Step off my studio pouch.

So yeah, really happy I got this sucker into the shop. I have a special place in my heart for him. I spent awhile constructing him from many many vectors in Illustrator. It took me quite a long time indeed. I was thinking about adding some sort of text on a banner reading “CANT BE BEET” but I dunno. I think it’s fine the way it is. And you?

Check out CANT BE BEET at the Redbubz shop.

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