Tearing Me Apart Lisa Available Now!

LISA! You’re tearing me apart!

Just updated this sucker in the Redbubz shop and it came out kinda cool on some of the later additions. Kind of a generic idea, but I dig it.
Did this drawing back in 2012 or ’13. Back when I was doing some skateboard-esque style designs. Like some sort of dumb World Industries character that never made the cut. Forgot about those guys… Flame Boy and Wet Willy. Brings me back to my middle school days. Those middle school days where everyone wanted to be a skateboarder but no one could actually ride a skateboard. Or everyone wanted to be a yo-yo guy, but no one knew how to do any yo-yo tricks (besides walk the dog).

I’ve been having a lot of fun revisiting these older designs and re-purposing them for newer products. Started out with the Axe Zombie and really went to town. After that one, I was jonsin’ to work on more and You’re Tearing Me Apart Lisa caught my eye. A flatter style on this one. Didn’t use many textures at all besides the background for certain things. Even then the textures are very subtle and almost undetectable.  Did a little halftone/bitmap treatment on the inside of the “rip” if you look closely.

I thought this one would work well on the journals and would be a killer sticker design as well. It’s such a simple, dumb idea. But it translates pretty well to different mediums, you know? Also really like how it looks on the drawstring bag.

Anyway, check out You’re Tearing Me Apart Lisa at the Redbubble shop and stay tuned for more designs to pop up soon. I have a lot of ideas brewing around in my head.

Happy new year to you all and thank you for the continued support. Much love.

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