Dream Big. Dream Like a Skeleton King.

dream big

Dream big. Be the king

King of Dream Land kicking it. Flesh removed, but that doesn’t matter. Ya dig?

This boy is howlin’ with the stars. His hammer so powerful with the engine of a mac truck. Not taking any crap from any pink cream puffs.

Ready to smash his way to the championship. Takin’ out all the turds in his way sayin’ YAHOO NOT TODAY.

The king in his robe, smackin’ around dinosaurs and hedgehogs… Stompin’ out space explorers and swordsmen. PUTTIN’ THE HURT ON THE ITALLIAN PLUMBER BROTHERS.

He’s not all bad tho, I hope you know. He means well.

This was taken from last week’s Sketchbook Friday. A buncha skulls on that one. And I’m thinking I’ll vectorize a couple more, ya dig!?

He’s on Redbubble and Design by Humans right now, so do me a favor and check him out alriight!?

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