Eyes on the Prize

eyes on the prize

Eyes on the prize through cracked hipster glasses, ya dig?

Hey there. I’m back from the brink of Alaskan summers. I survived a boating expedition into a glacier lake. I saw some bald eagles dive bomb some sweet frozen tilapia. That’s about it.

I also came up with this idea when I was trying to catch some fleeting Z’s on the boat. About to drift into dream land, counting my sheep, and one of the sheep was like NOPE YOU WAKE THE HELL UP AND THINK ABOUT THIS DESIGN SO MUCH THAT YOU DON’T EVER REACH REM SLEEP!

Anyway, I sketched the idea on the boat while my wife was taking about 3 years to get ready for dinner. I kinda took reference from the old GGG&D drawing, because this guy is in that drawing for a hot minute getting breathed on by some cycloptic skulls.

I wanted it simple. Real simple. I like it simple. I could see it being used as an icon.

You know what? This is my new profile pic on Facebook for STA. I think lately I’ve been incorporating a lot of jewel/chaos emerald stuff into my work. Like for the last beer label I designed for my pal, Al. That prehistoric bug is clutching a chaos emerald/jewel dude encased in some sweet, sweet amber. I’ll put that drawing up tonight… Hopefully.

I’ve made this sneaky little fella available on both Redbubble and Society6, so make sure to check it out. Looks pretty sweet on pillows and totes. I’ll put it at the other shops later. Got some fresh ideas in the works. Think I’m going to do some more video game character based stuff, but who knows. Could revisit my dude Bomber Man. Dr Mario? YUUUUP.

Check out some shots of the merch in the slider below.

Stay tuned my dudes.


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