H is for Hammer Hands

This ugly mug

What a horribly unfortunate creature. How would this even work? It doesn’t look like he has any joints, just connections that don’t move. His wrists might function, sure, but he has no elbows! If he has no elbows why does he have biceps!? Snot bubbles just blowing away in the wind. What an unfortunate specimen of evolution.

But those hands…

Those… Hammer hands…

I’ll be honest, this started as an entirely different project, where I was just drawing a good looking set of mits. Then suddenly I said whoooooa I’ll put it on an H and rock out. And I did and I’m still rockin’. This is one detailed dude, though, so I’ll try to post some detail shots later. Here’s some progress shots though! As always, click any pictures for bigger versions.

Yo, bro. Pound it.  Bubble gump Toxic fist



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