Ham Horse! Ham Horse! Ham Horse!

Lookit that Ham Horse. Disgusting. Repulsive. It’s not right!

ham horse

Ham Horse is the personification of a nightmare I had a couple years ago.

This was floating around, tongue out, in three segmented pieces like so. If you remember, this was one of my contributions to Inktober. I never really gave an explanation into how it became though. So there you go. It’s creepy.

My friend Nasty Nanny pointed out that there is something very similar in the movie “The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez, which I haven’t seen.

Also kind of creepy.

I was in a rut one day having a serious creative block. Decided to step back and finish some old works. Bring them back to life. Now that I have grown as an “artist,” I thought it might be a cool idea.

Also, I thought it would look really cool as a sticker on Redbubble. Which it does. Looks pretty good on a wall tapestry too if you’re into scaring your friends. Looks good on pillows and totes too. You could even send it as an incredibly unnerving greeting card! Guys, the possibilities with the Ham Horse are truly unlimited.

I don’t think it will get much love on the Redbubz though. You can scope it out here if you’re interested.

Ham Horse is doing pretty well on Society6 though! I’ve gotten some really positive feedback which is nice. I may or may not add it to the other shops down the line. Check it out, guys! Give it a thumbs up for me because, you know, I’m poor and any recognition helps. Check out the products in the slideshow below.

I have a lot of projects on the back burner right now. Took the Labor Day weekend to finish up some sketches. Should be seeing some more Aesop Rock tributes and  a really creepy Mr. Potato Head guy coming your way soon.

Thanks guys, stay tuned!

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Wall Tapestry | ham horse wall tapestry
Throw Pillow | ham horse pillow
Tote Bag | ham horse bag
Laptop Sleeve | ham horse laptop sleeve
Carry All Pouch | ham horse studio pouch
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