Hammer Hands Available Now!

Hammer Hands

Hammer hands. Hammer hands. Slams his hands like no man can. Hammer hands. Hammer hands. Slams his hands across the land!

Now you can chant Hammer Hands summon song while wearing his sporty Graphic T-shirt because you know what?! I just slapped this sucker up on Redbubble. This lovable bubble nosed scamp is available on every product.

I’m really trying to get every letter of the Awful Alphabet at the very least available on Redbubble. It’s very time consuming adjusting to fit the designs on the various templates and formats, but the end result is worth it (I hope). I think Hammer Hands looks particularly nice because I have an affinity for orange lately.

Hammer Hands, or H, was a really fun letter to work on. Yeah, I know his anatomy makes little to no sense. I know he has no moveable joints. No elbows. No shoulders. Just odd bones that somehow fuse together. Yeah, I know this creature would not last a second in the real world because it has zero mobility. Yeah, I know he probably would not even need those jagged tusks because let’s be honest, what is this guy eating or stabbing? Dude’s a straight up abomination. But he’s my abomination.

Give him a chance. Wrap him around your cold, cold neck as he repeats infinitely on your Hammer Hands scarf. Throw him over your shoulder and watch him get fatter and fatter as you fill your Hammer Hands draw-string backpack to capacity. Let him carress your delicate head with his gargantuan mitts as you lay your dome onto a Hammer Hands pillow. Don’t let his appearance fool you. He’s quite the cuddler.

Anyway, check out H is for Hammer Hands at the Redbubble shop now and stay tuned. I’ll be plugging letters in daily, hopefully.

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