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Such Good Friends

Man, We’re Such Good Friends. I mean that. I really do.

By the way, ‘Man We’re Such Good Friends’ merch is available now at Redbubble. It’s been at Society6 for awhile, but for some reason I neglected that sweet sweet Redbubble nectar. Nobody seems to like me on Society6. We’re not such good friends over there apparently.

I spent hours… Literally hours uploading this to different formats. You wanna know why it took me so long? Those frigging multicolored dots. I had to duplicate them over… And over… And over again… On every different format. Oh, you got a giant duvet cover you wanna make look half way decent? Why don’t you spend a couple hours duplicating a 1 inch by 1 inch dot cluster to fill that sucker up!? It’s cool though. It’s a lot different from any other product at the shop. Very vibrant — yet still disturbing. Had to put that disturbing Strange Things stamp on it, you know?

I actually drew the sketch for this one by a campfire at night. Couldn’t see anything. When I came back inside smelling like crap with my eyes burning and brows singed, this is what I saw in my sketchbook. So I said, heh, why the heck not — let’s go with it. And Spazzalino loved it. So that made me happy because man we’re such good friends.

You and your buddy can now wear matching Man We’re Such Good Friends graphic tees, or Man We’re Such Good Friends scarves, or drink from Man We’re Such Good Friends coffee mugs while smiling at each other and slightly shaking your head like “I just can’t believe how good of friends we are.” Maybe you’ll Skype each other on your iPads and when you’re done you’ll just look out the window, smiling thinking “man, we’re such good friends.”

Maybe one of you will have an oil slick tupae and the other will ecstatically vomit Nickelodeon slime. I don’t know really. I don’t really know how friendship works.

Anyway, Man We’re Such Good Friends merch is available at the Redbubble shop now.

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