I Appear Missing

i appear missing

I APPEAR MISSING… It would appear that I have disappeared!?

That’s stupid. Whatever.

I was cleaning stuff from my basement and I unearthed my Queens of the Stone Age …Like Clockwork album. I started going nuts. Not only is it a killer album, the artwork associated with the music videos are phenomenal. If you don’t know Boneface, check him the hell out. His work for the QOTSA videos is top notch… Creepy, beautiful and hopeless.

Anyway! There’s a song on there called I Appear Missing and it is one of my favorites.

i appear missing sketchThis drawing was kinda based off an older thing I did. It was called I’m Afraid I Am Infinite and it was some hot garbage in hind sight. It’s not exactly like it, but it’s kinda the same theme I suppose.

It was also kinda inspired by the classic Screaming Hand drawing by Jim Phillips. I’ve been following that guy’s work for awhile now and everything he touches turns to gold. He’s brilliant.

So I sketched it out with high hopes coming off of the TRUNK BUMP drawing (Got a good response from that dude, THAAANKS GUYS). For some reason I was watching The Social Network. Dumb side note for ya!

Scanned it into Photoshop after an hour long battle with my scanner and started inking. Didn’t take me long to realize that I really am over drawing hands. Every little groove on the fingers seemed like torture. But let me tell you, when I got to those tendons… I was in paradise.  Don’t know why.

Used a bit of a mixed method here, tackling it with the classic tablet and by using the good ol’ pen tool! YAHOO! Everybody loves that pen tool! It’s odd switching from the pen tool in Illustrator to the pen tool in Photoshop. It’s like a different animal.

Finally finished that swollen hand and knocked out the digital inks on the face in no time. Decided I wanted to use some brighter colors. I pulled out some reference material from the X-Men E is for Extinction #1. It’s beautiful. Downright beautiful. I wish I caught the full run of that. Time to go digging I suppose.

And that’s it really. That’s I Appear Missing. Pretty happy with how it came out. Simple. Looks dope on stickers. Just the way I like it.

I Appear Missing available at REDBUBBLE, SOCIETY6, and DESIGN BY HUMANS! Go check it out. Shift through the slider below to see some products from Society 6.

See ya later, my good pals!


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