M is for Mummified Slender Man

see you in your dreams

Mummies and Slender Man should probably never be in the same universe. But what the hell. Talkin’ to my boy Nasty Nanny about this Slender Man dude. He isn’t a fan, but I was feeling it. I still don’t know much about the legend, but I think the character is cool as all hell. All dapper and shit. Those lengthy arms. Such a wing span. Such an awkward physique. Much like myself!

So I threw some damn bandages on that sombitch’s face and I finally got to use this purple-orange-blue color pallet I’ve been dying to use. Did it work? I don’t know!

Sorry I’ve been out of the game for a minute. Been busy. Back in the saddle though, homies. STAY TUNED STAY STRANGE. CHECK THE DEETS.

that-face that-hand

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