No Gentlemen Left!!

No Gentlemen Left

No Gentleman left: You know, I hear it all the time. All these females, snappin’ their fingers, cockin’ their heads back and forth going “THERE JUST AIN’T NO GENTLEMEN LEFT IN THIS WUUUURLD!” which is met by a resounding “mmmmHHHHMMM.”

I don’t know if I’ve actually seen that very scenario but you get the idea.

Well guess what? There is one gentleman left. He’s ready to take you to dinner. He’s ready to take you for a night on the town. He’ll buy you the most expensive Cabernet. He’ll make sure it’s properly aerated. Properly aged too. Would you appreciate a gentleman like that? Yeah? Then stop saying there are no gentlemen left.

Sort of reminds me of the DC comics guy. Gentleman ghost. This guys way more classy though. He’s got a sweet monocle and he is dressed to the nines in some beautiful yellow duds.

This three color design was a blast to make. Left my comfort zone and utilized some different techniques. Felt good. Felt reaaal good.

This file was the most organized file I have ever created. Adobe Illustrator is becoming my new favorite program. It’s incredibly versatile.

The pattern on the vest. The trim on the hat. The monocle. utilized some different tactics there. Some printer friendly  tactics.

Inspired by some poster art for one of the best bands around — Primus. Les Claypool is the most talented bassist I think I have ever heard. An absolute beast. Have you even heard Over the Electric Grapevine? You haven’t? Well what the farts are you waiting for!


It’s available on ALL FORMATS in the shop here.  Also available at Society 6 here! Looks pretty damn good on everything too. Fresh on the prints. Cool on the pillows. Laptop covers are neat. We are killing it.

Here’s a neat little detail shot for you too.  Make sure you click ’em to check them out in full res. You can see the deets better. And remember, there are no gentleman left. Okay?

no gentlemen left
Detail shot of vest.


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