Pass the Cheese, Please.

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My pal Spazz loves cheese.

I always ask him for ideas and he says “make this thing… but out of cheese.” That’s his only idea. Ever. But that’s cool.

He’s such a great pal. I made him some cheese designs for his birthday. Various cheeses in various disguises with some Japanese text he’ll never be able to read! He won’t know what it says, but I do! I printed them on coasters and they’re on his way to his place.

Went for a very 90s Nickelodeon vibe here. The triangles, the wavy lines. Like Saved By the Bell, YIKES pencils, and Saturday morning Nick Toons thrown into a nostalgia blender. Then you drink it and puke up a fluorescent neon dream that comes apart at the seams. Something like that.

I sketched all these out in a sketchbook I found from 10+ years ago, sweet find. Snapped a photo with my crappy phone camera and put them into my ancient Illustrator. Drew em up and, heh, I’m pretty okay with how they came out. Hope he likes em. Hope he doesn’t read this before they arrive.

These won’t be available anywhere because they’re just for my pal Spazz.

Happy Thanksgiving! Try not to get Covid okay? 😷

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