Pineapple Bad Boys

pineapple boys

Oof. You thought you were done with that pineapple boy?

Think again.

These pineapple boys are back and more bitter than ever.

One, spooky as a cyclops. Another is tardy to the Hallowseve party, but that okay because that hockey mask can still function as a… Hockey mask I guess.

Been meaning to post these bitter boys for awhile now. Just a fun little project I’ve been sketching. Consider it part of the Character Countdown I ended up abandoning awhile back. It’s not abandoned now YAHOO!

The Not So Fresh Pineapple is the cyclops. He’s got a couple of fangs and he’s none too pleased to see you with his one eye. He gets more sour by the hour. You can scope that sucker out at the Redbubble shop here.

The Spooky Halloween Pineapple Boy got a couple of makeovers. He is now living on a vibrant purple background ready to spook the heck out of any goofs that come his way. If you dare, you can scope the the Spooky Halloween Pineapple boy here!

And of course, the original classic too-cool-for-school Fresh Pinapple Boy can be seen here!

I may keep going with these for every appropriate holiday, seeing as pineapples seem to be all the rage. I’ll just tack ’em onto the Character Countdown list.

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