Power Totem Merch

power totem merch

Power Totem Merch available now at Redbubble! Oh boy! The totem of ultimate… Undeniable power is here. It’s here on your coffee mug. It’s here on your shirts. It’s here, repeating on your studio pouch, reflecting on your duvet cover.

Just updated the Power Totem to make it fit on every item in the Redbubble shop. One of the more geometric pieces I’ve done. I worked a lot with the planes of the faces and tried to keep the color palette relatively simple. I really like how this translates on many of the items at Redbubble. I think it looks good big or small, zoomed in or tiny, which actually made it challenging to figure out how to format it on items.

Now I can update my man cave too, which is cool. I have the SUBMIT pillow down there and that’s about it besides a tiki mask or two on the wall. Time to get to steppin’ I suppose.

Anyway, The Power Totem merch is available on a variety of products here. Scope it out!

By the way — There has been a ton of sales going on at both the respective shops. If you head over to the Society6 store, you can get 10% off with free shipping (as of today 12/4/15). That’s an okay deal. Redbubble was pumping out some serious sales earlier this week for Cyber Monday and I’m sure they’ll be pumping out more with the holidays coming up, so stay tuned!

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Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and are staying relaxed and strange. Thanks for all the continued support. I know I haven’t drawn anything in a minute, but I plan on finishing up unfinished projects really soon after I chip away a bit at another project.
See you soon.

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