Gore Crow

gore crow

The Gore Crow. Kind of like a mix between a scarecrow and Mortal Kombat’s Goro, I guess. This little dude was one of the Facebook poll winners from way back in the day. I’m guessing from around 2012 or so. I was so pumped it won because I wanted to draw it so bad.

It went through a couple of variations and a couple of different approaches, actually. Initially I dove right into the digital ink, without a sketch or a base. I hated that. It was coming out super shitty so I got frustrated.

One day at my old job I found the ultimate ball point pen. It was a slow day so I started sketching this fiesty fellow on some receipt paper. I started loving how it was coming out.

The receipt paper was so small that I had to draw the figure in several sections — basically one limb at a time — then stitch it together in good old Photoshop. This was very different from what I was doing at the time. I was flexing my Wacom Intuos 4 muscles, thinking I was the man. Stepping away from that gave me a new perspective. It was a fresh process I had since forgotten about.
So here I am, all hoped up on gore crow and crosshatching. The dude’s pieced together and he’s looking fresh. Now I’m thinking “how the hell am I going to color this thing?”

Another non traditional approach for me. Went in with more of a general painterly feel as opposed to blocking out flat colors. Threw that sweet, sweet harvest moon the back and threw a photo filter on that sucker. I was diggin’ it. I was diggin’ it hard.

Gave him a hook as nod to everyone’s favorite Main Man. Also gave him a katana –at least I think that’s a katana.

The Gore Crow is available at REDBUBBLE on a variety of things. Check it out!

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