Rascal of Gem Pluckin’ on Society 6

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THAT Ol’ GEM PLUCKIN’ RASCAL. He finally made his way over to Society6!

I’ve been going through and putting the old updating touch to my Redbubble and Society6 shops. Realized that this guy fell through the cracks on a couple of products at the Redbubz. He’s not available on everything there, including STICKERS for the first time! That’s exciting!


well ok.

I entirely neglected to put him at Society6 which is a shame because the rascal looks awesome on all the products. This dude’s a little more cartoony than I usually go for, but that’s okay because I got the mandatory tiki face in there and even managed to give him sweet angel wings. I think I went through an extremely short phase where I reverted back to a CMYK only color scheme. Whatever, that’s ok. I dig it.

Pals, don’t be afraid of that ol’ gem pluckin rascal, okay? Let me know what you think of this little fellow. Lemme know if the rascal speaks to you.

I’m trying to balance side projects with working on some new sweet designs for the shops. It’s tricky, but I’ll manage. I’m also trying something new, experimenting with different variants of previous designs. Basically designs like WELP YA BLEW IT and maybe even stuff like IRRADIATED GORILLA BRAINS and SKULL TANK could be getting new color treatments. It’s fun to play around with, and who knows maybe I’ll uncover some neat color combos which will make all of you like “WHOA YOU’RE THE BEST” and then you’ll carry me on your shoulders into the distant sunset.

A guy can dream… Can’t he?

Stay tuned, pals.!

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