Wulf Head on Regular Head


wulf head final

Wulf head popping up like Pidgey’s in Pokemon Go!

Can you guess what this illustration was inspired by? If you guessed Aesop Rock, you’re correct. Lyrics from the song Catfood. I took it from the following excerpt:

At night I wear a wolf’s head on my regular head
Consider an irregular character sketch
Food hoarder, communes with the flora
Computes in cahoots with beauty and brute force

wulf head sketchThis started out as a drawing with a felt tip marker. No pencil sketch. Just blasting tunes and kicking it on the couch with my dog. I realized I was starting to dig the Ren & Stimpy like form it was taking. It was eerie looking. Like a balloon headed cult leader or something. I wanted to make it look like he was wearing a human head mask under the wolf head mask. The spirals on the cheeks had to stay too.

Went into Illustrator and penned the sketch. After a bit, I was excited to hop into coloring it. How’d I choose the color palette? Well, I went to google and typed “awesome color palettes. It returned approximately 1.6 billion results, but I stumbled across this one and decided “heh I’ll stick it out!” It originally was some horrible pinks and yellows and blues and UGH.

“Got to experiment with grunge brushes and effects in Illustrator, which is always a blast. I used to rock the solid color backdrops for most of my stuff, but I’ve been getting more into graphic design background elements lately. I think they’re a good way to get something to pop. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really happy with how this came out until I added that grungy paint circle. Super happy with that. Stamped the name Wulf Head on it and called it a day.

The composition lends itself nicely to being placed on products. Everything from t-shirts to mugs… It works pretty well in my opinion. Managed to throw this on REDBUBBLE, SOCIETY6 and DESIGN BY HUMANS. Check it out!

I’m probably going to be doing more drawings in this fashion. By that I mean tributes to Aesop Rock like Gopher Guts and How to Make a Homemade Mummy. I’ve also been working on tweaking some old designs with new color schemes. Really excited to share that. Next post will be about the different color variations for Skull Tank and Welp… Ya Blew It. Also updating Irradiated Gorilla Brains. Stay tuned.

Below is a preview of some products Wulf Head is available on!

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Pillow | wulf head pillow
Cards | wulf head cards
All Over Print Shirts | wulf head all over
Towels | wulf head towels
Leggings | wulf head leggings
Rug | wulf head rug
Carry-All Pouch | wulf head pouch
Hardcover Journal | wulf head journal
Tote Bags | wulf head tote
Wall Clocks | wulf head clock
Laptop Sleeve | wulf head laptop sleeve
Duvet Cover | wulf head duvet cover
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