Red, White and Tiki

Such power

The vault, again. The tiki, again. I had hopes of putting this in my basement, but meh, you know.

Mean grillin’. For some reason it reminds me of Samurai Jack style art. Damn, I miss that show. Every time a new season pops up on Netflix I watch the whole thing 8 times through.

The more I look at this, the more I like it. I think I should actually print it. Maybe some nice canvas wrap or something.

The things that catch wind on tumblr amaze me. Things I think will take off sit dormant while stupid things like two severed hands shaking that I made in about 3 seconds blow up as one of my more popular posts. Go figure. Different strokes for different folks. This one was moderately successful. Click the pick for a larger version.

Try this...


Hello my beautiful family. Here is another Lakitu. He is pledging allegiance to Bowser. Lakitus …

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