Strawberry Boy is Fresh to Death

Strawberry Fresh Boy! Looking sharp as all hell!

strawberry fresh

If you can’t tell by now, I’ve been drawing some fruit faces.

I already made 3 different pineapple variations. I guess I really like pineapples, along with everyone else in the world. The first was one fresh boy (who might be getting jettisoned into the spotlight soon enough). The second was a cycloptic beast, just in time for Hallowseve. And the third was a little tardy to the scary party, but sport a hockey mask nonetheless.

But we’re not talking about those bad pineapple boys, are we? We’re here to discuss this minty fresh strawberry droplet.

This one’s sporting aviators like you wouldn’t believe. Holy moley did he go through a ton of changes and conceptualizing. Just look at the sketchbook page below!

That’s only a couple of them! That page would be entirely filled later. And yes, I was considering giving this Strawberry man a seductive set of buns. I still might do a version of that because I still love it.

I have fun doing these because they’re stress free. They’re fun to create. They’re simple. They translate well to products like pillows, bags, and stickers.

Sometimes you gotta take the weird in a different direction. Strip it down. Simplify it. Ya dig?

Anyway, feel free to check out your minty Strawberry Fresh boy on Redbubble. 20% off everything today by the way (code is PERFECT20)!

Also available on Society6, but I don’t know what the heck is going on with their website lately! FIX IT!

Something big is coming. Dropping on Black Friday. Stay tuned.

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