SLOTH! Scuba Sloth that is…



Scuba sloth wins!!

By a thin margin! But he won.

A little back story here. I came up with this guy for the Facebook poll first, and I was all in. Then my wife being the wonderful womance that she is completely one uped me by suggesting the Taco Hedgehog.

After she said that, the taco hedgehog is all I wanted to draw for the rest of my life.

But alas, the sea dwelling scuba boi won. I was sour for about an hour until I started actually sketching it out.

Then I decided I loved Scuba Sloth.

What a fun little process this was. The sketching process was really relaxing and the Illustrator process was fun as heck YAHOO.

Anyway, check him out on Redbubble. He lives there exclusively for now.

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