Slug…. UGH



Slug boi bout to SLUG U

He’s like the party-on beetle boi but he doesn’t give half a heck.

Hands in his pockets looking like he should be on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. A 90’s theme dream.

slugHe’s now on Redbubble too in all his halftone glory.

Looks sweet on a Long T-shirt if I do say so myself. Also dig it on the art board. Already snagged one of the Beetle Boi. Maybe I’ll put a bunch of them in my office?

Really digging these halftone effects. All that bitmapping. All those color swapping moves. All those slick 90’s shapes in the background. Like an episode of Saved By the Bell while¬†Zack Attack is pumping on the air waves.

Anyway I’ll see ya around pals! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.

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