Strange Things Art: Origins…


What happened to the House with Duck Feet and Human Arms? Well, I don’t know… I guess I didn’t really feel like dealing with that asshole anymore. But now I do.

What’s his origin story? How did he become the abomination that he is? Why does everyone hate him? Well, that last question I can answer: Because he’s a horrible character.

But, I don’t care if he’s a horrible character! He’s kind of my mascot. He’s kind of my dude. My bro.

Why is he being restrained by giant futuristic…err… Restraints? Who restrained him?

Time will tell my dudes. Hopefully.

I’m gonna try to do a comic. It’s hard though. Especially if I’m going to handle it like I did this panel. So I’ll just crack at it when I have the time. I still have the Awful Alphabet to complete too. All this work…

Here’s some progress shots of the scene seen above. Like always, click the picture for a higher resolution version. I suggest you do. It looks way better:


Those sexy tones....

Try this...

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  1. Hell yes! Keep this going.

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