Spook U.

The ghost of a spookster who was once too cool for even you.

You’ve heard of Casper the friendly ghost right? GET A GRIP. This guy isn’t here to make friends and doesn’t care if you’re trying to pal around!

He wanders the after life, not even giving a single heck. He’s not looking to impress. He’s looking to say “whatever pal, spook u.”

I’ve had a creative block lately so I’ve been working on some older ideas I had strewn about my sketchbook. This was one of the concepts I came up with for the “One Cool Ghost” Facebook poll. See the other version here.

I have been all about that vibrating, 3D effect lately. To the point that I’m probably over using it. But whatever. I dig it.

This one printed really well on my matte print paper and I think looks pretty neat on shirts.

Check it out. But don’t get too scared. If you do, who cares anyway.

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