Laser Snail: Technology meets nature or something.

Laser snail gonna zap your ass into dust. I’m beggin’ you not to mess with him.

A slippery little snail that packs a mean punch. Its shell encases an enormous laser cannon powered by a fusion engine! Ya better watch out! The laser snail may be slow but the blast sure as heck isn’t, heh.

The way I see it, he can fire 3 different types of lasers. You got the standard green laser that can cut through ANYTHING. Ya got the blue laser which will straight up freeze your stupid ass. Then ya got the laser that shoots lightning or something. Something like that. It electrocutes you and you can see your skeleton when it does making you look like a total IDIOT.

I don’t know if this won the Facebook poll or something. It’s been so long. It probably did. I know I posted about this in a Sketchbook Friday awhile ago. Went through a couple different variations. One had a disco ball that refracted lasers throughout the room. It was drawn terribly. Check it out!

Laser snail is available on Redbubble. I bet it’d look pretty good on your body. Hugging your skin.

Anyway I’m having another creative block so I’m kinda just revamping old shit again for the time being. Hopefully I bust through it soon.

I’m going to have to start the Facebook polls up again because those force me out of a comfort zone. Though the algorithm on Facebook seems to not like me very much right now. I’m kinda over that platform.

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy and all that stuff we say in this COVID-19 time line.

Stay tuned because I’m probably going to uploading a lot of crap on here because, ya know, my brain is dumb at making new things right now!

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