Men’s Graphic Tees Now Available!

all-over Graphic Tees

MEN’S GRAPHIC TEES!? Redbubble has been pumping out new products like crazy! Some of them I’ve been meh about but their new addition of these tees is pretty cool. I’m happy to see they’re doing the all-over prints but I’d like to see those sleeves get printed too.

Society 6 can do it! C’maaan Redbubs.

Still though, some of them come out looking pretty sweet. I’m going to have to through my Redbubble portfolio and tweak some designs — maybe re-upload a few — but my hope is I can get most of the drawings on this format. That’s kind of always been the endgame for me. I wanted them printed on larger scale graphic tees! We’re getting there dude! We’re getting there.

I am particularly fond of the FEED ME YOUR PLANETS shirt. I think it would look killer if those teeny sleeves were covered in cosmic rays. I have to dig deep into my computer archives to find some of the source files for drawings like ZOMBIE URKEL and RED WHITE AND TIKI. I think those would look pretty solid strewn out across the fabric, hugging your sweet bod. Maybe I’ll even throw some of the AWFUL ALPHABET in there. Who knows!? At this point, the sky is the limit with these sweet, sweet Graphic Tees.

Been working on the secret project lately and I’m getting married Saturday, so you may not hear from me for a bit. I’ll be kickin’ it in New Zealand and Fiji. Maybe I’ll upload some drawing of some penguins and palm trees. Then I’ll throw those drawings of the palm trees and penguins on full scale graphic tees. I’ll see you all very soon!

Check out some of my Graphic Tees on Redbubble here. I’m going to be tweaking them over the next few days.

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