Magnetic Master Merch

Magnetic Master

Magnetic Master merch (sweet alliteration, bro) updated and ready to roll. I know you’re attracted to this particular design, heh… Heh. The Magnetic Master manipulating metals. This guy is my FAVORITE ROBOT MASTER OF ALL TIME. His theme music was so good. I used to be obsessed with it. To the point where I’d be driving in my car listening to it on repeat. I was THE MAN.

Don’t worry the Magnetic Master won’t ruin your computer’s hard drive as a laptop skin or iPad case. In fact, you could slap as many Magnetic Master stickers onto your computer as you can stomach and it will only make it look cooler, probably.

Having trouble with the ladies? Why not throw on a fresh Magnetic Master graphic tee? They’ll be really attracted to you then, heh… Heh. Then who knows — if things go well you could be bringing her back to your Magnetic Master duvet cover you filthy animal.

Ladies– Having troubles with the dudes? Throw on a Magnetic Master pencil skirt. Or even Magnetic Master leggings (they make your butt look great)! Or why not BOTH! Then you could bring them back to your Magnetic Master duvet cover too, if you want! Then you can rest your head on your Magnetic Master pillow and call it a night, no?

Per usual, if you see a product that doesn’t have the “IN THE YEAR 20xx…” on it and would like said product with that text, don’t be afraid to contact me!

Magnetic Master merch (heh) is available at the Redbubble shop. Also make sure to check out the Blue Bomber and Yella Devil designs. I’ll be uploading way more of the Minimalistic series too, it just takes a long ass time so bare with me. If there’s a specific one you’d like to see available, get at me!

Stay strange… Stay… Attractive, heh… Heh.

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