Screen Means Trouble

The ScreenHonestly pals — I completely forgot about The Screen (a.k.a The Monitor). But he’s back… And this time…

The Screen is MEAN.

So… So… Stupid.

I drew this back in 2013. That is crazy to me. I remember sitting on the couch of my little apartment sketching this dude up on the old Wacom Tablet. I actually did a recording of the process if you haven’t seen it (check it here). I remember it so vividly. It’s so bizarre to me that this was 3 years ago. The original post went down with the ship of the old website (R.I.P).

Kind of had a Ren & Stimpy feel to it. Like the camera could zoom in and do a disturbing, hyper-realistic close up on him at any moment.

I remember drawing him with a whole back story in my head. He was either a creation from Dr. Poopenstein, or an all powerful alien being from across the universe. Both scenarios are dumb. I had big plans to write a story with him. An epic tale of his attack on earth. Poopenstein and the Duck House would be forced to team up to stop him!

Alas, it never came to be. The Strange Things Art comic got pushed to the back burner. But The Screen is still here, dammit.

the screenI even drew him with an alternate head! Look at that pixel skull! I imagined he could display whatever he wanted on his face. Or blast giant beams capable of decimating entire planets out of his face. One or the other. Or both. I don’t know. I’m getting all pumped thinking about the possibilities. I should draw a web comic. Oh boy.

I even drew him for #inktober! This guy got a good amount of attention. I’d hate to see him go to waste.

Anyway… A little throw back to the archives. Maybe he’ll make a resurgence someday.

Try this...

skell detail1

Skell Revised and Ready

Skell is back from the dead.

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