Poker Face (AKA Mai Tie)

poker face
Poker Face. That stoic, monument of a man.

The good folks at the Strange Things Art Facebook threw a ton of awesome, awesome ideas to name this sucker. I kept changing it’s title on Redbubble hundreds and hundreds of times. There were so many good ones. Eventually it wouldn’t let me change it anymore, so Poker Face is the name. (Honorable mentions: Mai Tie, Easter Office, Moai be of service?, Stone-faced guru)

I’ve had an obsession with this character since I was younger. I used to draw him all the time. I even drew him a few years ago, very poorly. And then I drew him a few years later, again, very poorly. Honestly, I’m sure there are even more incarnations of this guy dating back to my middle school days. I’ve always liked him. In fact I remember drawing him in 8th or 9th  grade art class for a pen and ink assignment.  (RIP, the great Mr. G.)

So, needless to say, Poker Face has been through a lot of changes. He’s had Tiki faces, he’s has Easter Island big head faces, he’s had some deformed crudely carved slab faces, so on.

Decided to go with a flat design this time to see how that holds up. Think it worked out pretty well actually. The good thing about this is that I could experiment with a variety of different color schemes and maybe release some limited edition prints. We’ll see about that though! I dunno who’s into that sort of thing.

Another good thing about this is I can easily fit it in the frame I bought for my man cave. Very happy with that!

Anyway, check out Poker Face on a variety of products in the REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6 shops.

There’s also a pretty good artist promo going on at Society 6 until February 7th. Free shipping + 20% on blankets and pillows if you use THIS LINK. Today only, there’s also 20% off laptop skins.

You can see some detail and progress shots below.

Stay tuned for more!

poker face start
poker face deet 1
poker face deet 2
poker face deet 3

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