galactic chomp

You asked for it. I delivered the best I could. FEED ME YOUR PLANETS.

The ol’ #inktober rearing its ugly head again. Galactus chompin’ on an intergalactic rock.

Wish I could’ve recorded the process for this one, but you know, my computer is getting old and grey. It was a wild ride though.

Had a bit of trouble thinking of the color scheme with this one. My Facebook dudes helped me out.

Galactus has always been one of my favorite villains. Larger than life with an appetite to match. Seeing a bunch of heroes beat his over sized ass into submission was always great. And that time Thanos put him in his place with a well placed Infinity Gauntlet blast… Awesome.

I would love to see him in a movie [other than his horrible interpretation in Fantastic Four 2]. A dude that could eat AN ENTIRE PLANET. I MEAN C’MON!!!!!!

Maybe I’ll draw some other of my favorite villains later. Click the pic for a full res blast.

Stay tuned my dudes. Got an Awful Alphabet to finish up and I got “T” on the way.

Also, this is available at the Redbubble shop

And the newly added Society 6 shop, where you can buy it on a ton of formats. I think I’m going to get the clock.

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