Awful Alphabet: C is for Chomp-zilla

Chomp, Chomp sucka.

One hungry mutha. One huuuungry C. We’re going alphabetical.

This was a blast to make. Rockin’ a new color pallet with this dude. He’s the things nightmares are made of. All that drool. All those spituals. All those warts. A ferociously disgusting letter indeed. Chompin’ crazily. Crushin’ with his cracked canines.

Again, drawn with just the pen tool. This one moved a bit quicker, however. Maybe I’m getting better.

I want to continue with this, but I haven’t done any more sketches. We’ll C what happens I suppose…

C what I did there?!


Next is D. Hopefully. Until then… C you around. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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