AWFUL ALPHABET: B is for Boogers

a pick and flick adventure
B is for “boogers,” and that’s okay with me. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to take an interest in doing this awful alphabet thing again, but I’m diggin’ it dude. I’m diggin’ the riiiide.

Pickin’ and flickin’. The only way to live.

Drawn. Entirely. With. The. Pen. Tool. What a bitch. Even the textured background was penned. For any illustrators out there, this is a MONSTER of a task. For those of you who don’t believe it, first of all shut up, second, I’ll prove it in a video.

These creatures gettin’ crazy. Dripping, bubbling, boiling, oh BOY!

What’s next… C? Eh.. We’ll C….


FUN FACT: Eating your boogers strengthens your immune system. Get chomping sucka.

Try this...


This is Crabmangoo. One night, my pal and I tried to come up with an …

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