Bamber Man Last Stand

bamber man last stand

Bamber Man Last Stand. Look at ‘im! He’s dead! Finished!

I said it on Facebook and I will say it here. I felt pretty bad about this one. He looks like he has lost all hope. Like he’s become a gelatinous, defeated version of his once proud self. Clutching that bomb like it’s his one true friend. His one true friend… About to go BOOM! Or maybe he got sandwiched against a brick when player two booted that friggin bomb into his torso. He’s just sitting there, accepting his face with watery eyes.

Any way you cut it, it’s a sad, sad case for Bamber Man.

I. LOVED. BOMBERMAN. I used to play it at my buddy’s house when we were kids. He had the Multitap so it was GAME ON.  Bamber Man in black. Bamber man in blue… Red… YOU NAME IT — WREAKING HAVOC ON ONE ANOTHER.

Then Bomberman 64 came out and that same buddy and I dominated that game too! We did literally everything there was to do in that game. Got every damn card. Played every damn battle. Killed every damn enemy. Bamber man, man. Love that dude.

This one’s a bit flatter than the designs I usually pump out. I kind of like it that way though. Muted colors too. Kinda like it that way. This wasn’t even the plan for the colors. I was gonna do some crazy vibrant colors that made your eyes vibrate, but then I set those mutes down as a placeholder and I felt it fit the mood better. So you know what? I kept them.

Bamber Man Last Stand is available at both Society 6 and Redbubble and was recently added to Soc6’s shop, whatever that means. Check it out, show some support. Give it a thumbs up or whatever.

Now, do I continue ruining my childhood or step away and do something different. I guess we will see.

Check out a couple detail shots below.






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