brains 2

Brains! Gorilla brains! Orange Gorilla Brains!

Yeah, I’m trying different color schemes out for the IGB drawing. Much like I’m doing for Skull Tank and Welp… Ya Blew it. This one came out a lot cooler, because I took it a lot further than I had originally anticipated.

brain detail processSo here’s what happened: Did more design work here. Added highlights and colors. Halftones. A grid element in the back. Hell yeah. Complementary colors too? Got that color snob mouth watering rivers!

I went to TOWN on this thing and I was not planning on doing so. Started with the metal rim under the brain and loved how it started coming out. Gave it that shiny metal feel I was going for. Just couldn’t stop myself from continuing. Then I moved onto the face, which was a really fun challenge. Figuring out where the dark and lights would fall was really fun and it was cool seeing it take shape. Added some halftone lines to some areas to give it more depth and style.

That grid was a cool element to work on. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I built it from scratch, realizing in hind sight that there are definitely tools in Illustrator that would have made it a helluva lot easier. Then I clipped it to the inside of a triangle and placed it behind Mr. Orange Brain’s dumb head. Had to tweak it over and over and over again, but I think it came out okay in the end.

I knew I could make this one better. I’m so happy I revisited it. I’m excited to see what the other color variants will look like. I think they could yield some really cool results.

I added this variant of Irradiated Gorilla Brains to both the REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6 shops and intend to throw it on DBH too.

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All over print shirt | brains all over
iPhone skins/cases | brains phone
Leggings | brains leggings
Hardcover Journal | brains journal
Pillow | brains pillow
Clock | brains clock
Contrast Tank | brains contrast tank
Tote bag | brains tote
Cards | brains cards
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