Bubble Gum Ribs: YUM.

bubble gum ribs


Feast your eyes on that delicious cage. Rib cage. Not Nicholas. Unfortunately. Maybe later tho.

I spent a couple of weeks just dissecting this one. This, and the Choose Your Own Adventure I’m writing occupied most of my down time.

I mean, it’s nothing all that fancy. Just some straight up ribs. Full of fructose and corn syrup.

As I said, I had different plans for this drawing originally. I was going to make it have a giant eye on it and name it… Wait for it…


Then I decided to cut the shit with the puns. Well, for now. Who am I kidding? I can’t separate myself from puns.

A really simplistic vector design and a true test of my knowledge of my anatomy. Newsflash: My knowledge of anatomy isn’t what it used to be.

So admittedly I had to use a couple references to make it work. But I think it came together. I kind of dig the negative space. I also kind of dig the color palette.

I put it in my DesignByHumans shop and I think it looks pretty sweet. Here’s some examples of how it looks on their apparel:

bubble gum ribs line up

I also put it at Redbubble. Looks pretty sweet on a lot of the products there, too. Shows solid as a sticker! Looks sweet on drawstring bags too. I doubt it’ll gain any traction over there, but hey, you never know. Some people are really into ribs… Maybe…

Look how beautiful those models look. Listen to this song while looking at them. It goes perfectly. #TylerBreeze. I love him.

ALSO. I put it on Society 6. Jeeze, it never stops! You can check out the slideshow below to view almost every last product. It translates pretty well.

Got some projects in the works so please stay tuned!

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Travel Mug | bubble gum ribs travel mug
Tapestry | bubble gum ribs tapestry
Shower Curtain | shower
Rug | Rug
Slide 3 | pillow
Phone Case | phone
Mug | mug
Leggings | leggings
Laptop skin | laptop
iPad case | ipad
Clock | clock
Stationary cards | Cards
Throw blanket | blanket
Duvet cover | duvet
Tote bag | tote bag
All Over Print shirt | all over shirt
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