Donkey Krang v. 1.0

The power of Donkey Krang

Here’s an idea I’ve had for awhile. A really *dumb* idea.

When I first started drawing this… Oh boy did I hate it. I always like to stick it out until the end, and I’m actually glad I did. Ended up having a lot of fun with Donkey Krang.

Took a complete 180 with the idea. I was going to make it heavily textured and detailed, but then I was like “nah.” You know? Yeah, you know.

I love the Ninja Turtles. So much so that I tried to collect every action figure when I was little. It’s damn near impossible. My friend, The Big Garbonza (who has since evolved beyond Ninja Turtles into an amazing writer ) had the whole sewer hideout. I was super jealous. If I remember correctly, there was a section where you could dump mutagen ooze on the action figures. As kids, the only toy that could possibly top this was cooking your own Creepy Crawlers in some weird oven that probably would be banned in today’s day and age due to burn hazards.

Why don’t they make toys like the mutagen dumping sewer hang out nowadays? I mean, just google some of the Ninja Turtle toys from the 90s. They were INSANE. I had a tank that shot plastic pizza disks with stickers of ice cream toppings on them. You serious? Who thought of that? If you’re coming up with ideas like ice cream topped pizza disks, you’re doing something right in my book.  Your imagination is impeccable and I want you to give me your brain.

Anyway, the goal for this drawing going forward is to add a background like the original action figure packaging. Think that might be cool.

But in the meantime…



Sorry for the long post. But thank you for all the love lately. My Redbubble shop has been EXPLODING. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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