I Am The Cheese!

i am the cheese


Long time in the making! Sketched this guy up months and months and months ago. Maybe even last year. It was a tip of the cap to my friend Spazzalino, who always wants to see characters made of cheese. Also a nod to Rocko’s Modern Life, just because it reminds me of the Wacky Deli episode.

Handled this drawing in a different way than I usually do. Implemented some design elements that are out of my wheelhouse, but I think they paid off in the long run. If you take a close look at his eye and the inside of his mouth, you will see the line/halftone effect for shading. I think it’d be cool to see I Am the Cheese screen printed if at all possible. I also am a fan of not using solid black for outlines if it can be avoided. Think it paid off here.

I’ve been pulling a lot of inspiration from some great artists from the Phillipines, man. Those guys are incredible. Talent giants who make me realize I’m nowhere near on their level. Gotta keep yourself humble, ammirite!?

Just a fun little character that I had a lot of fun making into a vector. Gotta love that pen tool.

I Am the Cheese is available at Redbubble. I will most certainly be adding it to Design By Humans and Society6 within the very near future as well, so stay tuned.  Also want to try to get a little branding vector I threw together up there soon. Gotta figure out how to make pins and patches too. I have some stuff coming out that I think would translate very well to those.

Check out some detail shots below. Click the images for a better view. Thanks for dropping by, stay tuned!

EDIT: Now available at Society6 and TeePublic. Check out the slides at the bottom of the page for samples of the products.

i am the cheese detail
i am the cheese detail 3
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