Great Horned Owl staring contest

great horned owl

Great Horned Owl — wise as he is old.

Majestic vectors in symmetry, ya dig? A feathered frenzy of infinite wisdom, okay? Yeah, that’s the Great Horned Owl.

Kinda creepy, right? Well, you know what? Owls are kind creepy! They can turn their heads all the way around,  180 degrees! You can’t escape their gaze, man.

This was an on and off project that I kept revisiting for the better part of 4 months. I got inspired by some great artists on Tumblr to do some more ornate stuff, flat vector stuff. This doesn’t hold a candle to what they were doing. Wish I bookmarked the link.

Also, my wife is obsessed with owls. I’m not kidding. A friend and I once counted upwards of 50 owl things in my house. From salt shakers, to candles, to mugs… All owls… All the time. It’s a bit ridiculous, but I can’t say much because my man cave has a lot of tiki stuff in it. It’s a compromise. Maybe I’ll make a tiki owl and make everybody happy. That would be horrifying.

I dig the simple shapes making up more complex designs and I dig the symmetry. Did this in Illustrator mostly, using A LOT of duplicating and reflects and A LOT of layers. After I was happy with everything, I put it in Photoshop and added an ever so slight textured background, just to give it a little more oomph.

Added the Great Horned Owl to Redbubble and I will most certainly be adding it to the other shops. I think it looks great on all of the products, especially the Chiffon tops and Duvet covers!

Like I said yesterday, got a sweet beer label in the works. Got a sweet extinct dino in the works. Got some sweet jay walkin’ mishaps in the works. So many projects, so little time.

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