Four Knuckles Shuffle

You ever just look at a pair of sweet kicks and think “damn I wish those could be immortalized in a Warhol-esque pop art display?

Now THIS is true art. I’ve been thinking that since I first laid eyes on Knuckles the Echidna’s sweet feet after his first appearance in Sonic 3.

Not really, but for some reason this was on my list of things to draw. Knuckles is my favorite Sonic character without a doubt. Never really understood the metal planks on top of the shoes, but whatever, they’re rad and he’s rad. He’s a bad dude.

I remember squaring off against him in the Hidden Palace Zone to get the Chaos emerald and beating his echidna ass. Always felt bad it had to come down to that but if you’re getting in my way when I’m trying to pluck some Chaos Emeralds you had it coming.

And then in Sonic and Knuckles were you could play as my boy? Glide through the air with your luscious red locks drifting behind you? Dig up some earth with your spiny gloves? CLIMB ON THE CHECKERED WALLS? YES PLEASE!

Below is a slide show of my beautiful boy Knuckles as well as the Warhol piece.

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