CLOSER LOOK: Robot Masters Issue No. 1

I was able to capture some of the process for the Robot Masters cover so I thought I’d share it here because I’m trapped inside forever.

Started off sketching. Drew some pretty crappy versions. Mega Man looked like an idiot in the firsts rendition and I ended up scrapping his dumb face entirely and re-drawing him. Originally the plan was only to include the Yellow Devil and Mega Man. No buildings. No text. No other characters.

Decided that’s dumb and if I was going to do this I had to go all out and do it right. Holy crap this was hard. First off this helped me learn a lot about perspective. I actually drew a billion different lines going off to different vanishing points to figure out the perspective of the buildings and sidewalks. Took forever but I think it was worth it.

A friend let me borrow a bunch of Mega Man concept art books which were super helpful in choosing the different characters and colors and what not. Absolutely had to put in my boy Sniper Joe. He’s my favorite goon.

Hand drew the text in my book, took a snap and made it vector. Realizing now I used to be way better at making custom text. Gotta work on that again.

After all the line work/colors were done in Illustrator I took it into photoshops to add the subtle texture. It’s very subtle but I thought it was necessary.

Hope ya liked a bit of peek behind the curtain here! Hope you’re staying safe.

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