Well would ya look at that? Melt Man is back in glorious HD color.

melt man firm punch

Melt Man spirals out of control!

Man, I can honestly say I have no idea what I was thinking with this drawing. What is it!? It’s like a lemon got thrown into a black hole leading to an alternate dimension. That lemon also has a beak… And a small man living in its eye cavity…

melt man black and white
old black and white

If you’ll recall, Melt Man was originally a dismal duo-toned affair with no vibrant neon to sucker punch your oculars. Look at him. He’s so flat. Still kinda liked that approach too, though.

What happened here is the result of me plugging in mindless shapes with the pen tool. Just a zombie moving vectors in Adobe Illustrator. I have to say I do enjoy how it came out.

Almost a year after I did the black and white version, I decided to revisit it and throw down some crazy colors. I’m happy I did. Although I’m not a huge fan of gradients, I thought I’d try to pepper some in here. I think I got a decent effect from it.

I gave the same treatment to I Guess I’ll Be On My Way if you wanna check that out.

Recently Redbubble added the ability to upload products on wall tapestries. I was going though my Redbubble portfolio, thinking this would make a great addition for said product. Come to find out, I NEVER ADDED THIS TO THE BUBZ. Shame on me. Now it’s fully available there. So don’t be shy. Check it out!

It’s also available at Society6. I’m going to do some fine tuning to it to add more products. I may even do color variants of this. We’ll see where the wind blows on that one.


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