Tridentia the Terrible


Tridentia. Named by my sweet pal, Billy the Bully.

I don’t draw enough girls. In fact, I think the only girl I’ve under drawn under this Strange Things Art moniker was a deformed version of Jynx the Pokemon. Tragic. I used to draw naked ladies all the time in college for Figure Drawing.

So I thought, I’ll make a mermaid. A mermaid who is also a mannequin. A mermaid who also has a magical detached trident for a hand powered by her enchanted jewel belt. Thus, Tridentia was born. Deep in the bowels of a half toned, bitmapped Atlantis.

Started out with a much different color pallet. Was thinking more of a sepia toned, old Wild Wild west feel. Then I decided that version sucked, and Will Smith’s song and movie sucked too. (Check out the early version here.) It just wasn’t doing it for me. Had to be inspired by some cool artists before I fell on this cooler pallet. Glad I did.

For the background I took a photograph of some water I had from my honeymoon. I made it a Bitmap halftone bla bla bla and the rest is history. I think it kind of gives it that underwater feel, no? Might look pretty sweet on clothing or a journal.

I kinda dig the little accessories Tridentia has on her belt and jacket. Little face buttons. Does it make sense for underwater swag? No, not at all. But WHATEVER.

Tridentia is available on both Redbubble and Society 6 on every product you can think of. Except the rug.

FINE. I’ll update it and put it on a rug too..

Society 6 is doing an artist promotion, offering a 20% off sale on pillows and blankets teamed with FREE SHIPPING. That’s pretty sweet. Click here to get the deal, okay?

Check out some details shots below!

tridentia deet 1
Tridentia detail 2
Tridentia detail 2
Tridentia detail 4
Tridentia pencil

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