Man, a Dapper Gentleman Makes a Stunning Return

Man, remember this suave man?


He’s back, and he got a promotion.

This man is the kind of man you want on your side! He’s making all the tough calls in his enormous office that overlooks the city streets. He’s sipping a scotch with a stoic stare, imagining crushing the people below him like the ants they are.

Last time we saw this man he was just working in the mail room. But boy did he ever get promoted. He wears a tuxedo to work EVERYDAY.

This man is the man you want on your side.

I always thought the original Poker Face could be pushed a little further color wise. It never sat right with me. This character was one I’ve had for a really long time, and I wanted to do him justice.

So I took another whack and got a little more involved, but not too much more involved. First off, I had to make that suit black. Black is slimming. And he looks sharp as all hell.

Also decided I wanted to add some subtle red highlights from a light source coming off from the side.  Used there red highlights and some blue line work to suggest the folds and wrinkles of his suit, without blatantly shoving it down your throat with some bold black lines. I think it works better.

All in all – I prefer this one over the old version. I like to revisit designs like this with new colors. Gives it a whole new mood. Check it out at Redbubble here. It’s also available at Society6 here. Might be uploading it to the other sites shortly. I’ll make a post about that later if it comes to fruition.

Anyway — Which version do you like better?

Thanks for stopping by pals! Yahoo! See you soon!

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