POWER UP. But don’t power up with an ancient relic.

Power Up!

power up


An ancient mystical or super natural relic was unearthed by a business tycoon drilling for oil or something. Little did this tycoon know that this relic, heh… Well it was no joke.

He also didn’t know that you shouldn’t have sold his discovery to the military. Mixing mystical mayhem with technology only yields horrific results!

Ya made a mistake trying to power your war machine with an incredible gem. Ya made a big mistake.

Now the machine is out to destroy mankind, and maybe even the universe! I don’t know that for a fact, but I sure am assuming it!

This ultimate power… You’ve doomed us all….


I finished a sketch book for the first time in my entire existence. Well, by that I mean I put things on every page. I want to FILL THAT THING TO IT’S ENTIRETY.

I used all the pens on this one. Every one. I’ll post the sketch for this weeks Sketchbook Friday.

ANYWAY. This was kinda an intimidating one. I didn’t know how I was going to pull this off digitally, but I’m pretty happy with the results. The colors were a bit of a challenge though.

I tried to use a bit more of the saw tooth shading which I’m still working on perfecting.

Putting this on Redbubble was tricky too. I had to customize each individual product but I think it was worth it.

Well, I hope you enjoy this metallic mayhem as it runs rampant on the world. We could have used that gem to power the entire planet for the next 100 plus years, but ya know.

Check out Power Up on Redbubble if you want and most importantly will ya have a heck of a day? I hope so pals!

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