Big bad Brian.

This is Brian.

And let me be completely honest with you. If you think he gives even one iota of anything resembling a heck… You better think again.

He’s the first boss of a video game. Probably in a street level. You gotta get through a bunch of no good cronies before you get to big Bri.

He’s not hard to beat. In fact, he’s really easy. He has an attack that could definitely kill you in a single hit, but he never uses it.

Don’t get too cocky though, he’ll be back later in the game. He might be a little harder to beat too, and he might be a slightly different hue than he was before.

Drew Brian as a tiny little lad in my sketchbook and I just kept thinking “this little turd could BE somebody some day.”

He’s fresh sneaks laced up real nice. That bad boy scowl. That effortless hair.

He’s gonna BE SOMEBODY.

I put him into Illustrator and the rest is history. Got that classic complimentary color scheme — those orange and blues poppin’.

Brian slipped his way onto Redbubble too. I’ve been looking to buy a new journal and I gotta be frank, this little fellow might be on the front.

I think I’m going to do a series of drawings like this and put it in a book or something. I want something TANGIBLE!

It’d be cool to animate this guy too. If I knew how to do that. Maybe I should teach myself because he seems like he would be a pretty easy starting point.

Make him jump up and down, curb stomping. Scowlin’. Hatin’

But, that’s Bri-Guy for ya. Never really carin’. Always starin’. Glarin’. Never preparin’.

That was always the Bri-Guy I remember…

See ya later.

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